Bambu beyaz badanalı banyo seti

modeli WBB0303B
kategori Bambu/ahşap banyo seti
Paketleme Detayları 1pc/White Kutusu
ödeme L/C, T/T
liman Guangzhou, China

Ürün Açıklaması

bamboo white washed bathroom set


This bath set is a high end design. The bucolic and archaic bamboo, together with cool and modern stainless steel, make a excellent combination! The tray adds value to the whole design as well. The surface of bamboo is smooth and anti-water, with a white washed effect.
WBB0303B-1: Soap dispenser
WBB0303B-2: Toothbrush holder
WBB0303B-3: Tumbler
WBB0303B-4: Soap dish
WBB0303B-5: Cotton jar
WBB0303B-6: Toilet brush with holder
WBB0303B-7: Tray
Our factory specializes in bathroom set which are made of polyresin, porcelain, bamboo, wood, stainless steel and plastic. We have a strong design team that ensure our bathroom sets keep pace with the trend. You can find any style of bathroom set in our categories. OEM is available.

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