The main products are Porcelain Bathroom Set toilet, bidet, washbasin, sink, mop pool, hand tray, soap box, at present, ceramic sanitary ware brand on the market a lot, quite different quality grades, price disparities. When you purchase should be supporting the first sense, make sure you want to achieve their desired standard, each suite parts or accessories at the same grade level should be.

Toilet drainage patterns and to determine the mounting dimensions

Buy toilet to be sure the wall measure the distance from the center drain (the drain mode) or the distance from the ground (after the drainage patterns) to determine the purchase of the drain or toilet is the next after the drainage structure, the choice of drainage the same way and install the right size toilet to install. Toilet drain away from the wall should be equal to or slightly less than the size of the bathroom drain away from the wall (the drainage patterns); toilet drain the distance from the ground should be equal to or slightly higher than the height of the bathroom drain (after drainage patterns) .

Style must match the color matching products

The bathroom is more than a number of ceramic pieces, several pieces of ceramic products such as toilet, wash basin, soap box, hand paper box, color mop pool so that only the same or similar shape to a harmonious and beautiful.

Carefully selected to meet

Selection of ceramic sanitary ware should meet with the non-master can meet different requirements: porcelain pieces can be met is installed, it is easy to see that the surface quality can be met strictly, especially in the use of water splashing site quality is more important, but invisible surface after installation, do not be too critical of its quality.

Appearance quality three judge

  1. Whether there is cracking: with a thin stick thin pieces of porcelain percussion is crisp edge to listen to their voices, when a ‘husky’ voice cracks when there is proof of porcelain pieces.

  2. Deformation of size: the ceramic pieces on a flat platform, check whether the direction of the activities of smooth symmetry, the mounting surface and ceramic surface edge is ping, the mounting holes are evenly rounded.