Bathroom accessory, is an important component of any part of the bathroom. Without them, it was chaos and canteens; accessories to help keep our bathroom, organization and cleanliness. Properly installed bathroom accessories equally important is their function, and properly installed to avoid future problems. Improper installation may add to your bath to keep organized in the best flow.

  1. to the location you want on the wall accessories. Then, use find to find a bolt at least one bolt in the wall. Stud with a pencil mark.
  2. Bathroom accessory anchor drill pilot holes marked with the recommendations of your accessories drill bolt position. Hammer anchor into the hole decoration.
  3. placed on the wall accessories. In the attachment holes to line up display, you just drill and hammer in the anchor. On the one hand insist accessories, decorative accessories to the anchor through the hole and drill screws.   Ensure that the fittings are tight, fixed to the wall.
  4. Bathroom accessory screw holes of the button will take effect in your kit, to cover them.