Towel rings are often placed beside the sink. Examine other nearby items like light switches, electrical outlets and other bathroom accessories to make sure they will not interfere with the placement of the towel ring. For a small bathroom, place the towel ring on the back of the door to limit a cluttered bathroom. Read the manufacturer’s directions for your towel ring. The position may depend on wall studs or other bathroom features.


Hanging the towel ring 48 inches above the ground provides a comfortable position for most adults. Consider who will be using the bathroom accessory. If children are primarily using the restroom, place the ring 36 inches above the floor. If your family is exceptionally tall, place the ring a little higher. Ask whoever will be primarily using the restroom to test the placement before installing to ensure it is comfortably positioned. Allow at least 18 inches of empty space under the ring so that the towel can hang freely.