Sure you want to stay in the bathroom. Choose you want to recycle.

In a closer look, you choose the recovery of parts. Decided that if they, they can be used to “yes” to other areas in your home, or if you need to do some work, so that they can be used in other places. Transfer the trash and old bathroom accessories coverage, is still in good condition other rooms in your home.

Holding the sun glasses, car keys, or mail placed in the table next to the door using the bathroom accessories decorated tray.

Desk with family or on the phone next to pens and pencils, toothbrush holder. They are also very good, in the technological aspects of the brush.

Use cotton balls and/or tampon holders - especially those who have covered - on the same or similar items of vanity. Sometimes they can be used as a family in the candy dish, or in the kitchen at the sugar packets. To use the bathroom soap dish in the kitchen of the old erosion mat.

Use the bathroom accessories in the kitchen at bactericidal soap lotion dispensers, or within your favorite skin moisturizer to put one next to the bed.

Recycled curtain fabric shower curtain on a regular basis, at home anywhere. Hide with a scarf or stolen as long as the holder or sewn into the curtains of your own pocket rocket old shower curtain curtain curtain hanging rod at the top of a standard.