When you visit a spa, you will have to use the bathroom accessories to make your treatment and more luxurious bubble bath and special benefits. If you want to experience the same luxury at home, you can create your own bathroom accessories, will make you scrub, BUFF, as you soak in the hot springs. For bathroom accessories, it helps to follow several principles to ensure creation of bathroom accessories so that they last in the water.

Sand a wooden dowel to remove any rough or debris. Ensure that the purpose of sand, and the length of dowel. Insert a hot glue stick hot melt glue gun, and allow it to plug in heated for 10 minutes. Hot glue squeeze the peg. Slide the end of the dowel stick loofah sponge. Allowed to use it in the bath before cooling and hardening of the glue. 2 cups baking soda into a bowl. Add 1 cup of citric acid, in a bowl and mix well. Add 10% to 20 drops in your favorite essential oil, mixing with your hands.

Fill spray bottle of witch hazel. Spray a mixture of witch hazel, gently with your hands until it is compactable. Press the mixture into the soap mold, and immediately pop out. Place the towel bath fizzies to dry completely before using them a bathroom accessories.