Many people want to have a place to store their bathroom reading material. Face it, everyone needs distraction from time to time from the business of their bodily functions. However, the bathroom is usually very small footprint of the traditional magazine rack is small and compact. The answer is something hanging on the wall, but very shallow, do not eat a lot of interior space. The towel bar the magazine rack requires a minimum of space, by installing even the most novice do it in a blog.


  1. Installed on the wall or other location with a lot of empty space magazine rack. Make sure the rack will not stop if it enters the room and opened the bathroom door.
  2. The memorial wall will be located at both ends of the towel bar. Use the level to guide you, this bar will be straight. Drill into the wall at the first mark a toggle anchor anchor until flush with the wall.
  3. Install the towel bar installed on the anchor. Ensure that the installation for the anchor close. Shen at the sign of the second switch anchor at the other end, and install a second towel bar installed.
  4. Will be the crosspiece horse to complete the first towel bar. Add the towel bar in one or two more extra space for the magazine. Photographs of a more substantial appearance and drape the framework of forming a towel around the open bar of your bathroom rack of magazines.