Add a splash of color to your bathroom by blending complimenting shades. Set a tone or create style by mixing specific color combinations; use your imagination and don’t be afraid to mix contrasting colors for an interesting look. Infusing your bathroom accessory with color is an inexpensive way to enhance outdated or boring fixtures and hardware, and it can add instant value and appeal to your home.

Create a sophisticated, modern space by blending shades of black, white, silver, gray and even ice blue. Enhance silver bathroom hardware with jet black towels accented by white accessories, such as soap dishes and tissue holders. If you use black and white towels, bath mats and curtains, add a pop of color by hanging a sleek blue shower curtain.

Infuse your bathroom accessory with a relaxing spa-like ambiance by decorating with white, soft green and purple hues. Hang a white eyelet shower curtain featuring delicate lavender and green flowers, and accent it with matching towels. Cover your windows with white eyelet curtains and choose white wicker accessories, such as a wastebasket and a vanity table and chair set. Naturally purify the air with a potted lavender plant.

Set a romantic tone in your bathroom accessory by using rose pink and chocolate brown decor. Hang a white and pink toile-printed shower curtain, and use pink and brown towels and bath mats. Display a brown antique glass vase filled with pink roses.