Today’s vision is shaped mainly by old-fashioned bathroom from the early 20th century bathroom. This style of old-fashioned bathrooms evoke memories of the past and a sense of security. During this time a common design is called clean, crisp aesthetic and are readily available today. Although the association clawfoot bath tub wine and white subway tile images, the best old-fashioned bathroom accessories complete the look effortlessly. Old-fashioned bathroom accessories towel rack and ring design is an important part in the early 20th century retro design is still an integral part of today.
There is a wooden bathroom shelf above the bathroom sink, can facilitate a variety of things, especially when counter space is limited or nonexistent. A hook of a simple and charming wooden shelves to increase storage capacity and bathroom renovation. The use of off-the-shelf to hold toiletries and accessories, hooks to hang the towel. Below the shelf size is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. The size is adjustable, if necessary, to meet your space requirements.