After placing yourself in the bath and starting to relax, you may be annoyed when you can’t find anything. One bathroom accessory that helps is the bath rack, or bath caddy. These accessories come in different designs but primarily rest on your bath, allowing you to move it without much effort. The racks store a selection of different items, ranging from soaps and towels to books. A standard chrome bath caddy is inexpensive, costing around $35 in most retail stores in January 2011. If you are looking for something more stylish, the Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy may be best suited to your interests. Though it can still be bought for under $40, the design is more suited to luxury items, can hold books in a vertical position and even has a place for beverage glasses.

When your bathroom accessory is almost over and the water is turning cold, you will need something to stop you from getting too cold after you leave. This accessory is the heated towel rack. The rack can be attached to the wall or left freestanding; they are energy efficient, so they can be left running throughout the day. Coming in several colors and sizes, depending on the style of your bathroom, the heated towel holder not only acts as a towel warmer but also a heater for your bathroom. Prices vary, with low standard towel warmers costing anything between $100 to $150 and top-of-the-line designs reaching $5000 in 2011.

Aromatherapy can make your bath time more relaxing and help with relieving stress. To engage in aromatherapy you can add salts and oils to your bathroom accessory, and use candles and sprays to fill the air with your favorite scents. These simple accessories can enhance your experience and help with joint problems and muscle pain.