There is a wooden bathroom shelf above the bathroom sink, can facilitate a variety of things, especially when counter space is limited or nonexistent. A hook of a simple and charming wooden shelves to increase storage capacity and bathroom renovation. The use of off-the-shelf to hold toiletries and accessories, hooks to hang the towel. Below the shelf size is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. The size is adjustable, if necessary, to meet your space requirements.


  1. 22 inches and 6 inches of hardwood cut a shelf.
  2. 18 inches and 3 inches of hardwood cut a ready-made ??backing.
  3. Cut into 4-inch shelf to support both sides of two triangles.
  4. Sand all pieces, be sure to round the corner, so they are not sharp. Start at 120 and 220 sandpaper sandpaper polishing.
  5. Assembly. Placed on the bathroom shelf support both ends of the triangle, the top edge of each triangle and the back of the backing, so rinse. Center and flush with the trailing edge and the backing on the back shelf, placed on the top shelf. The protection of timber and wood glue and finish nails.
  6. Three evenly spaced coat hooks screw plate, off the shelf.
  7. Screws to install a shelf above the radiator. Drive on the shelf screws, screwed into the wall studs. Including the heads of countersunk screws and wood filler.
  8. Staining and sealing, or painting a shelf required. Bathroom shelves on the simple!