Stainless Steel Bathroom Set

Soft, comfortable rubber around the stainless steel, not only makes it colorful, but also a protection of the surface. Furthermore, soft non-skid rubber keeps portables from slipping. There are many colors for your choice, including white, black, orange, yellow, red, blue, and green as presented.

Model WBS0509E
Category Stainless Steel Bathroom Set
Material stainless steel
Payment L/C, T/T
Port Guangzhou, China

Product Description

Items & Sizes (cm):

Soap dispenser DIA:5.6x18.6

Toothbrush holder DIA:6.6x10

Tumbler DIA:6.6x9.9

Soap dish DIA: 11x2

Toiletbrush holder: DIA: 10.3x37.8

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