Polyresin Bathroom Accessories

This bathroom accessories colored in black and white, manufactured with color paste mixed in the polyresin, it strongly brings us a shocking feeling and vision in the bathroom. Each item of the bathroom set richly makes a dynamic statement in black and white.

Model WBP1287A
Category Polyresin Bathroom Set
Color Black with White
Material Polyresin
Finish Resin Paste and Color
Payment L/C, T/T
Port Guangzhou, China

Product Description

Items & Sizes (cm) :

Soap Dispenser:L:6.4cm*W:6.4cm*H:11.7cm(not include the height of the pump) Toothbrush Holder:L:6.4cm*W:6.4cm*H:10.6cm Tumbler:L:6.4cm*W:6.4cm*H:10.8cm Soap Dish:L:13.1cm*W:8.8cm*H:2cm Cotton Jar:L:11.4cm*W:8.3cm*H:7.1cm Toilet Brush Holder:L:10cm*W:10cm*H:12.8cm

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