Porcelain Bathroom Set

An elegant design with wavy body lines and classical vivid flower in decal. This bath ensemble is produced in fine porcelain. Because the detailed workmanship, this collection represents high-quality standard.

Model WBC0708A
Category Porcelain Bathroom Set
Color White
Material Porcelain
Finish Decal
Payment L/C, T/T
Port Guangzhou, China

Product Description

Items & Sizes (cm):

Soap dispenser DIA:8.6x21.2

Toothbrush holder 10.8x6.9x9.8

Tumbler DIA:8x10.3

Soap dish 12.9x10x1.9

Cotton jar DIA:8.9x11.5

Tissue cover 14.2x14.2x15.3

Waste basket DIA:18.5x24.1

Tray 27.1x9.5x1.7

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