Porcelain bathroom accessories

An elegant and timeless design in Roman Style with tri-dimensional diamond patterns. This product is decorated with reinstones on concave spots. This porcelain bathroom set adds luxury accent to the bathroom.

Model WBC0634A
Category Porcelain Bathroom Set
Color White
Material Porcelain
Finish Glazed, Reinstone Insert
Payment L/C, T/T
Port Guangzhou, China

Product Description

Items & Sizes (cm):

Soap dispenser DIA:7x19

Toothbrush holder DIA:8x9.5

Tumbler DIA:7.4x10.2

Soap dish 12x6x1.8

Cotton jar DIA:8.5x10.6

Tissue cover 13x13x14.2

Waste basket DIA:18x24.3

Tray 18.9x10x1.8

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