During the production of our polyresin products, we only use high-quality raw materials. To appear to natural stones, ceramics and porcelain we use alabastrite as a raw material for this product group. This kind of resin is a stone-based material (ground stone), easy to mold and/or sculpt, and it takes paint well. We are using special resin blends for the manufacturing of crystal resin products. For special effects we paint these products on one side in many different colors. Polyresin is one of the forms of resin materials that are especially flexible when heated. This quality makes it an ideal material to use in production where molds are used. It dries to a durable material that is virtually unbreakable. Polyresin usually has s sheen that is similar to fiberglass and has the same tolerance for the addition of color into the material. We can use this in creating all kind of designs and technics to fit any bathroom décor.