The bathroom and the kitchen are two rooms that you can spend a lot of money remodeling. However, with some quick tips on accessories you can make your bathroom accessory look new and interesting for very little money. All it takes is some creativity on your part and a few bathroom accessory tips.


Don’t forget to add some personality to the tops of your walls as well. There are ways to make your own borders, or you can try something you find in the store. With the easy availability of color printing at any corner print store these days, it is possible to turn any image you want into your bathroom border. Use your imagination and come up with ways you can add your own ideas to your bathroom surroundings.

Vanity Lighting

There are a few areas you could address on your vanity that would make it look more interesting. The lighting does not need to be a simple bulb screwed into the wall. Try dressing room-style lights, with three or four over-sized bulbs bathroom accessory down each side. Or if you are into a more Victorian look, try an elegant light fixture that hangs out over the mirror from above. You could also try a track lighting system with two or three lights over top of the mirror and give yourself a different lighting look every day. Experiment with the bulbs as well.


Bathroom accessory hardware can come in a variety of styles and colors, and there is no reason to settle on something basic. If your bathroom is blue, then try blue hardware with gold or silver metal trim. Or pieces that are all of the same style, but in a bunch of different colors—would a yellow towel loop work with a red soap dish in your bathroom? It just might.