A children’s bathroom accessory should be functional yet reflect the tastes of both the parents and the child. Accessories add more to a bathroom making it easier for children to practice good hygiene. For instance, stools are vital for kids who are learning how to go potty on the toilet or brush their teeth. Most kids under 5 years old need to stand on a stool to reach the sink and brush their teeth on their own. Other accessories like toothbrush holders, soap dishes and shower curtains also make the bathroom more accessible.

Animal sponges are fun accessories that make tub time even more appealing to a child. These sponges float in the tub and also serve as bath toys. They soak up water and soap to create a lather. Your children will enjoy watching these sponges fill with water and then wringing them out.

Tub toy holders are bathroom accessoies that make a bathroom more organized, especially during bath time. Rather than having toys scattered in the tub or under the sink you can invest in a tub toy holder to keep your kids toys in one place. These toy holders are usually plastic with suction cups that attach to the wall of the tub or tile area above the tub. Toy holders are made to match just about any décor. You can find frog toy holders, boats or a basket holder.

Towels and washcloths are essential bathroom accessories that must be included in a child’s bathroom. Towels can be plain or theme based, depending on the décor of the bathroom accessory. You can also special order towels and washcloths online with each one of your children’s names embroidered on them.